D.J.Sayer  F.G.A.  D.G.A.  F.I.R.V.
Since an  individually arranged guided tour with DeBeers underground, in the world famous Premier Diamond Mine at Cullinan, South Africa, John has travelled the world extensively researching gemstones including, Madagascan fancy coloured sapphire, rubies & jade from Burma, sapphire & spinel from Thailand, tourmaline, aquamarine, emerald & topaz from Brazil,  sapphire, tourmaline & moonstone from Sri Lanka.

Drawing on extensive experience in the world of antique jewellery, rare and unusual gemstones as well as all things gemmological / geological, John gained his F.G.A. qualification in 1976, followed by his D.G.A. in 1981 then became a National Association of Goldsmiths Registered Valuer in 1988. Consistent attendance at international seminars and conferences has kept Leonard Couch Jewellers at the cutting edge of gemmological technology as well as extensive knowledge gathered throughout a wide-ranging career which has  enabled him to meet the strict criteria and have the knowledge required to become a Fellow of The Institute of Registered Valuers which was awarded in March 2009 at Goldsmiths Hall, London.